The Port of Portland is sharing an update on work to bring the main runway and runway safety area at Hillsboro Airport up to current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) design standards.

The project is designed to support aircraft that currently use the airport and will not expand capacity or change the types of aircraft that can use the airport.

Members of the public were invited to webinars – held January 26 and 28, 2021 – to hear a presentation of the information presented on this site. The webinar presentation slides are available for download

An aerial view of the Hillsboro Airport shows linear runways in a green field.
Hillsboro Airport from the air

Runway Safety Area

The runway safety area is the area beyond the end and sides of the runway. Much like the shoulder of a road, this area provides an extra measure of safety in case an aircraft veers off or overruns the runway. FAA design standards require that the runway safety area is maintained in smooth condition.

The project would fix the slope, humps, ruts, and depressions in the safety area for the main runway (specifically Runway 13R) at Hillsboro Airport that do not meet current standards.

graphic rendering of Runway 13R-31L and runway safety area at Hillsboro Airport
Rendering of aerial view of Hillsboro Airport shows Runway 13R-31L | Click to enlarge
Runway 13R-31L and runway safety area at Hillsboro Airport
An aerial view of Hillsboro Airport shows Runway 13R-31L | Click to enlarge

Update on Proposed Action

The Port of Portland's initial analysis identified the design alternative that would reroute Glencoe Swale in a culvert across the runway safety area and re-grade the end of the runway as the best alternative for more detailed study in the environmental review. This alternative is now what is termed the Proposed Action.

This design was selected for best meeting all the screening criteria because it:

  • Is compatible with critical design aircraft
  • Does not cause safety or operational problems that are not easily resolvable
  • Is reasonable from an economic standpoint and using common sense

Since the Proposed Action was identified, the project team has been working on the engineering design for the project. We are approximately 30 percent to 60 percent of the way through design of various project elements.

The team is also working on assessing the environmental impacts and benefits of the project, which will be presented in a draft environmental assessment available for review and public comment in late spring 2021. At that time we will have a public hearing and solicit public comments on the project. You can sign-up to receive project emails using the form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you when the draft environmental assessment is ready for review.

Key Elements of the Proposed Action:

  • Maintains existing threshold locations
  • Maintains existing 6,600-foot runway length
  • Conveys Glencoe Swale under the runway safety area (RSA) in a pipe or conduit
  • Regrades Runway 13R end and RSA

Next steps

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The project team will complete the draft Environmental Assessment and publish it for public review and comment by late spring 2021.  Please sign up using the form below to receive notice of the opportunity to review and provide comment.